Become a licensed CompEx centre

Validating core competency of individuals who work in explosive atmospheres is a serious line of work and requires the staff involved to be current CompEx Certificate holders and have an excellent command of the International Standard IEC 60079 Parts 14 & 17 to be considered as a CompEx Instructor or CompEx Assessor. A formal Assessor Certificate is required for the CompEx Assessor and we can assist with this process if necessary.


A formal application and professional interview process follows for candidates for the role of CompEx Instructor/Assessor.


After the initial discussions between the prospective centre and management of the CompEx Certification Body, by submitting a centre business case and paying the appropriate license application fee there is a structured centre licensing process that is followed to progress the centre to a fully licensed CompEx Centre. 


Initial enquiries to become a licensed CompEx Centre should send an e-mail to and include an overview of your company and the contact details and address for a formal reply.

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