Listed below are some examples from operatives from major oil & gas user organisations who have benefited from CompEx instruction and assessment leading to core competency validation.

Shahid Jamil

IEEE Electrical Engineer, Houston gave his views on the experience of a pilot NEC 505 Ex01-04 Gas & Vapour Course at ATEC Centre in Houston, Texas “I found the pilot course very educational and useful. This course, in addition to review of fundamentals of hazardous area classification, allowed the opportunity to carry out field work (making of cable glands, etc.), inspection of installations and competency test of the attendees.  These features made the course very valuable for Engineers and Technicians.  I will recommend this course to Electrical and Instrumentation Engineers and Technicians.”

Thomas Schneider

As a journeyman electrician working on plug and abandonment wells, and experienced in production, subsea, pipe laying Thomas Schneider of Seadrill Americas stated: "There are huge benefits coming to this class to fully understand areas I thought I knew, but now have a full understanding. The Hands-On Assessments are really beneficial and truly examine your ability to work safely." - July 2015

William Eddis

William Eddis, of Seadrill Mexico, commented after an assessment at ATEC Certification in Houston: "Having moved from the Dust industry into the Offshore Oil & Gas industry, this experience has clarified my understanding regarding zones and protection concepts for these different hazardous work areas." - July 2015

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